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This should be a spot for the "President's Message" or some other page, but we're going to do things a little Aloha license platedifferent at the Hispanic Bar Association of St. Louis ("HBAstl"). Rather than a static page, updated every year or so, we're going to incorporate our messages, news, and time-sensitive information here - in a blog-like format.  You'll see information from the President, other officers, committee chairs, and even other members (if they are so inclined to write). So, interactivity - check. Timeliness - check. News and information - check. To be honest, we're really excited about the possibilities here, and we hope you'll subscribe, or at least check in every so often to keep up with what's going on.

With that said, this post will likely function as my first and last "Presidential Message" as my term ends in roughly 30 days.

I have had the greatest privilege and honor to lead the HBAstl through its initial years. It's probably been more work than I could've imagine, but the rewards have been equally fantastic. It has been so gratifying to see the Association grow from essentially nothing to what it is now. There have been some bumps along the road and some goals we did not quite meet, but that shouldn't detract from what we've been able to do in a relatively short time.

With that said, everyone should know that whatever accomplishments there were over these first couple of years, they couldn't have happened without the leadership team -- the Association's Board of Directors -- that was in place. To Joe, Jessica, Nick, Angela, Tino, Debbie, Salim, Sandra, Sheila, Carol, and Peter I say THANK Thank you word cloudYOU for all your efforts! You pushed this organization into existence and continued your support through all of its trials and tribulations. Each of you should be proud of what we've been able to accomplish.

Joe Lambson will be taking the reins of the HBAstl in about a month, and to him I wish all the best. He will have an equally fantastic Board, with a few new faces, and I look forward to what his team will be able to accomplish. We are still new enough that the sky really is the limit, and there is a the potential for great things to happen this next year. I am very excited for us as an organization, but our success depends entirely on the help and guidance we, as members of the HBAstl, give to Joe and his team.

I can confidently say, if you would like to be involved -- in a significant way -- in the Association, there's a place for you. Our Standing Committees (Communications, Public Policy, Membership and Social, Community Service, and Finance) have not been particularly active, and I hope that changes in the coming months and years. The structure is there; we just need the people and the ideas. If that's you, please join us. This organization is only going to continue to grow and become more successful; wouldn't you like to say that you were there on the ground floor!

And finally, thank you to all of our members, sponsors, and supporters who gave time, money, and effort over these first years! Without your assistance none of our successes could've happened. I especially thank my Partners at Williams Venker & Sanders who allowed me the time to devote to the Association and who took a leap of faith agreed to provide significant financial support as a Founding Sponsor of the HBAstl before we had anything to offer them suggesting the organization would succeed. And then there's my wife, Sandy, who was one of the first to join (even though she's not a lawyer or Hispanic) because she wanted to show her support for this endeavor. I thank her not only for her time and effort, but for her belief in the Association and for the guidance to me she provided.

And that's it! Hello to all of you finding us for the first time, which is almost everyone since our site only recently went live. And goodbye as my terms ends as the HBAstl President. I look forward to our future!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_14768824_m.jpgWelcome and thanks for visiting us at our brand-new website! This site has taken some time to get up and going, but we hope you will find it informative and worth the visit.

I suppose this is both a welcome and goodbye as my term as President is coming to an end. We are now two years old as an organization, and I am very proud of what we've been able to accomplish in this time. As an association, we've established ourselves in the community, and we have developed a firm financial footing. Our two Cinco de Mayo Happy Hours have been wildly successful, as was our first Fall Gala. We just put on our first CLE, which was very well received. Our name is out there, and now we look forward to further developing the other aspects of the organization, such as our community service projects and our public policy initiatives.

Thank you again for visiting the new site, and please excuse any broken links or things not working completely perfect, at least for the first couple of days. Unfortunatley, with any successful website rollout also come a couple of bumps in the road; if you encounter one of those bumps, feel free to email us at

That said, we at the HBAstl are very proud of this new site and hope it becomes a fantastic resource for our members, the community, and all who visit it.

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The mission of the HBAstl is to promote Hispanic involvement and participation in the legal profession, both in private and public service; to bring attention to issues facing Hispanics in our community and in the legal profession; and to advance equal protection for the Hispanic Community before the law.